Trivia Thursday 27 August 2015

Myrmecology (ants), Gruntle (pig), Green tint on potato chips, 230 Years of World Peace in History, 50000 earthquakes on earth every year. Trochlea – latin, spool of wool; Capitulum – latin, head; Condyle, Lateral, Medial, Epi (prefix, upon), Lateral Epicondyle, Medial Epicondyle, Medial and Lateral Supracondylar Ridge, Fossa, Coronoid Fossa, Radial Fossa, Olecranon Fossa, Distal Humerus, Proximal Humerus, Zanzibar and England war in 1896 – 38 Minutes, Custer promoted at age 23 to General, ZIP Code – Zoning Improvement Plan, Jiffy – 1/1000th of a second, Rolling Stones – Andy Warhol – Protruding Tongue – Sticky Fingers, Lake Nicaragua and fresh water sharks, Lake Mississippi in USA, A&W Root Beer – Allen and Wright, Octothorpe – #, Ramses Condoms – Great Pharaoh Ramses father of 160 children, Betsy Ross and a Pez Head, Angel Falls Venezuela 3121 feet, First toilet ever seen on TV – Leave it to Beaver, First Interracial Kiss on TV – Star Trek Kirk and Uhuru, San Francisco Cable Cars – Only US Moving National Monument, A Person’s left hand does 56% of typing, Shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes, 336 Dimples on a regulation Golf Ball, A Dime has 118 ridges around the edge, Most common surname in the world is Chang, If you attempted suicind in England in the 1800’s you faced the death penalty, Al Capone’s business card – Used furniture dealer, A Cat has 32 muscles in each ear, A Dragonfly has a life span of 24 hours, Average Catepillar has 16 legs, Joseph Gayetty invented toilet paper in 1857, Celluwipes and Kleenex, 1924, Almonds are a member of the peach family, Winston Churchill was born in a ladies room during a dance, Pulp Fiction’s clocks – 4:20, Edwin Buzz Aldrin’s mother’s maiden name was Moon, Rats cannot vomit, Thomas Paine coined “United States of America”, James Buchanan was the only bachelor US President, Folding money was invented by the chinese – made from deerskin, Most popular name for a male cat is tiger, Wyatt Earp became a Boxing Referee after retiring from the police force, S is the most common starting in the Englsih language, Earthworms have five hearts, Cat is the only domesticated animal not mentioned in the bible, Martin Van Buren was the first US born President, Disney’s “Pluto” originally named Rover, Cows can produce 25 gallons of milk a week, A Bride in China wears red, Elvis Presley had a reading chair in his bathroom, An adult has 206 bones, a newborn infant has 300 bones, George washington nicknamed New York “The Empire State”, Alaska and Louisiana don’t have counties, Calvin Coolidge’s will was one sentence long, MG – Morris Garage, Sheik means “Old Man” in Arabic, Honeybees and Turtles and deaf, Ant’s sense of smell is comparable to a dog’s, Shooting Stars are Meteors, Honey is used to make antifreeze, Southern Comfort and Peach, Flying Fox is a bat, Silkworm is a caterpillar, Spermologer and trivia, Time Magazine 1927 – Charles A Lindbergh first man of the year, Kangaroos hop at 40 Miles and hour, Bach fathered 20 Children (Known), Pineapple is a berry, Chalk is made from Plaster of Paris, Israel eats more turkeys than any other country per capita, Custer’s soldiers called him “Hard Ass”, Electic Razor debuted in America March 18 1931, Hawaiian Alphabet has only 12 letters, Dragonflies eat 300 mosquito’s a day on average, Sioux indian chief Crazy Horse was called Curly as a child, Horse can look forwards and backwards with their different eyes, Diane Keaton’s real last name is Hall, Annie Hall, Utopia is a Greek word meaning Nowhere, Billy Graham was considered the best Fuller Brush salesman in North Carolina, Casanova carried a custom made portable bath made for two, Mormon Tabernacle – built without nails, William Clark Gable; Salt, Salarium and Salary; Jousting is the official sport of Maryland, Zachary Taylor never voted in an election even his own, thomas Edison never graduated from Grade school, Ridges on Corduroy are called “Wales”, Eleven timezones in Russia, Hugh Heffner originally going to cll Playboy “Stag Party”, Cucumber is 96% water, Average American carries 4 credit cards, Adolf Hitelr’s favorite movie was King Kong, rabbits talk to each other by tapping their feet, Fresh Deerskins sold for a buck in the 1700’s hence BUCK, Polo field largest of any sport, Mill is 100th of a cent, never minted, E Pluribus Unum – One out of Many, Liberace once used the stage name “Walter Busterkeys”, Dr. William Scholl, 1792 steps to the top of the Eiffel tower, The first product to have a barcode was wrigley’s gum, Mars has a volcano – Olympus Mons, X-Ray technology has shown there are 3 versions of the Mona Lisa under the original one

People Skills and Magnetic Influence


1. You are In Sales. You are selling a product, a service, an idea or myself. Mobilise people and be the go to guy in your industry.

Sales is good in parenting. If you are good in sales you can sell your kids eating vegetables and doing the dishes.

People are not interested in your product or service they are interested in themswelves.

2. Smile even if it hurts

3. Friends First – Know no stranger. An attitude of how’s it going. check refeence to the ugly man and the beautiful younger woman who gets cherished.

4a FORM b Present, Close, Follow Up, Cultivate. Professional goes for long term relationship. Amateur is instant gratification.

5. Ask Questions (Control The conversation to get to the heart of the issue)

6. SIGN – people are interested in themselves, they are not interested in me or what I have. Make people feel important, cherished, special. Win an advocate – somebody who sticks up for you no matter what.

7. Listen. It is not waiting for your opportunity to speak. No interrupting, Not to say more important or correcting. Be genuinely interested. You are always dealing with people no matter what profession you are in. Nobody cares for your opinion. Become trustworthy through listening. Don’t make them feel stupid. You are not listening to somebody if they have something that interests you. you are listening for their sake. Don’t say you hate something. Converse with somebody whom you have no interest at all. Build a bridge. Relationship will win through a famine.

8. Have Direct Eye Contact. Don’t interrupt, aks more questions. So you can find out what makes that person tick and establish trust.

9. Compliment. admire other people in compliments. You can always bring something to the attention of someone else. Bring attention to it. You might not like it but YOU ARE NOT THE ISSUE, the other peson is. They like a pink dress even if you don’t even if you don’t. Compliment people on thing slike their wild hair. Appreciate the boldness to flaunt their hair or whatever. It is what matters to them. Surface thing, smile, light in their eyes, tone of htier vocie, job doing that is well done. Don’t get to comfortable. You have to do this with their clients and family that you have had for you. Honor everybody. Complimenbt somebody every single day. Encouragement comes back to you. you can never have enough encouragement. Compliment those who are around you. Safe with people who compliment not with those who you condment. safe around people who encourage and believes in you.

10. Body Language. Core rapport methodology and smile chanes number 10. authority, tone, way you move your body. 93% of all of your communication is non-verbal. Check reference to anti-depressant commercial that can kill you. Made billions of dollars that they tell you in advance can kill you.

It’s not what you say it’s how you say it. If you’re afraid to talk to people that will be what you are communicating. If 7% are words you’d better make them good words.

Some words you can say that trigger a negative response. Don’t work double time by saying negative words. Trust in their decisiosn from words

Authority. Body Language. Tone. Don’t communicate sales, no trust established and a wall of tension built up.

Courtesy calls. No salesy fake tones. No insecurity. Be sure no insecurity. Be sure of what you are talking about persuasion and don’t be unsure.


11. Genuine Interest. It establishes trust.

After sale of house, send a realtor card and a gift and 30 days later get a another call to see how the new house worked out.

Interview their prospect, take a genuine interest

12. You Are Not In Sales You Are In Business Development

I want you to be around for a very long time, not HAHA I got your money.

If you build a relationship with those people send thankyou cards

Thankyou cards specificly tied to  them. 3 months later or 3 months later. More important for you to cultivate your clients with a center of influence. If you design a new roof your house is your billboard. Cultivation in roofing will build your business. They will tell everybody even if it is a one time deal.

13. GEMS

When you know how people opearate it is so easy to communicate with them.

Fun, Helping, Analysing, Challenge.

What matters to them. Sharp shooting as opposed to shot gun

14. Be Yourself.

Attractiveness is just an excuse. It makes no difference. Looks have nothing to do with it. How you cherish, made to feel special, let her talk. killer people skills. Cultivate a relationship. No looks, no money, through HONOUR. If you be you it changes your body language completely. CONFIDENCE. Don’t be unsure of yourself, be sure of yourself. Be confident at something. You will start out unconfident at driving and grow in confidence and by autopilot you will drive around. You can learn to do anything. Be not afraid to drive anymore.

Do your looks determine how you drive? Does a shy farmer does not reap shy corn. It’s just corn. Use a process.

What is beautiful 10 years ago is not beautiful today. And what is beautiful today is not beautiful 10 years from not. BE YOU, BE COMFORATBLE WITH YOU. DON’T BE QUIRKY AND NOT YOURSELF.

15. Follow Up.

The fortune is in the follow up. Make a person fele amazing and special and they will recommend you.

Make a connection even if they did not do business with you directly.

Send a thankyou card as soon as you have finished your activity.

Sent same day for basics such as calls – Thanking them for the time they spend with you.

Whatever you hand out will come back to you

Great Opportunities and Thankyou cards – Business

Company takes a big risk on TV shows millions of viewers around the world. She sent pink flowers.If you don’t it says your ungrateful or full of pride. You were lucky to have me on your show mentality. You wouldn’t give that person the opportunity again. Value them as a customer. Following up makes them feel good about them and you. Liar/snobby brat if you don’t. What you do and what you don’t do has an effect. You are not big enough to send a thankyou. Communicate. Flip it on somebody who does odd jobs around the house. Find out whateverybody else is doing and do the opposite. Plumber would be interested in me. What else he can do to help me. He won’t charge me because I have made him feel special. You want it now stepping out of ungratefulness into pride. Befriend the cooks in the back and formed him, spoke Spanish. Black doesn’t crack – white does. Black skin is gorgeous beautiful and flawless. Black has the best voices and skin doesn’t age. 85 Y.O black women looks like 45. Hamburger replaced with something special, at no charge. Product is people instead of music. Befriended the cook walking in pride. Don’t lead with product, service or idea. Honor them – get to know them. Smile. act like a friend. Compelled to want to bless back because it blessed them. 10 Prawns. Need anything at any time they will give it to them. Talk to people, Smile and Humble yourself. It got her the free shrimp. Blessed, honored and impacted. A driver will be spoken to instead of business. Stupid CEO isn’t big enough. You get to where you are by honoring the little people because that’s where you started. Core rapport methodology (extensive). Social workers at funerals especially are clinical and detached. Social worker found a bible and found phone number becuase he was precious. Cheques and bible set to them $10000. Impact of Core rapport methodology. Honor. Didn’t manipulate the person or system. Befriend them. Formed them, Body language etc. Benefitted them.

16. Underpromise, Overdeliver.

Get a raise in your job. Don’t let union make it hard for you or ruin it for you. let the boss talk about you the most and recommends. Get the biggest bonus from your boss.

Law of promotion. Do not tell your boss what you think they ant to hear. Show them what you can do. Don’t violate trust by sying you will do 10 things by tomorrow and only produce 3. Not everybody is cut out to be an entrepreneur. It’s not for everybody. Entrepreneur has more money, more stress and more opportunity to lose it. If you want to grow in a company send your boss a card saying thankyou for letting me have the opportunity to serve you. I am ungrateful or full of pride. Actions speak louder than words. God won’t promote these things. Establish trust with those you work with. Honor competition. Your coworkers being badmouthed and destroyed by you will be built on quicksand.

Encourage your boss. find out what everybody else is doing and do the opposite. Honor your boss. A boss believes who beleives everyone hates him will be stressed. The biggest stress relievers get the biggest bonuses and promotion. Don’t promise 10 things, do 5. Deliever in on your word. Shinging hero. Don’t overcommit yourself to things you cannot do. If you are an employee you are in sales. Undependability does not get promotion. Dependability gets promotion. Promise things to your satisfaction. Your God will promote you. How do bosses become jerks? Has a bunch of jerks working for him. Underpromise and Overdeliver.

What I can do and what I am not going to do. Ego is looking good before your fellow man. Be honest, be yourself. If you can’t do the work, don’t promise. Promise less. Then deliver more.

People hate to manage other people. Babysitting drives people crazy. Micromanagement comes from overpromise and underdeliever. You teach your boss how to manage you by what you do.

You’re going to teach me how to manage you. No management is great. Run an entire division without you. Trust leads to lack of management.

Project from sales. Report to boss and give him updates every few days builds trust and you will shine. When they have to come to you and ask, they don’t like it. No wondering or worrying about what needs to done. The bosses hate it. i tried but nobody called me back. Diligence is important especially when people don’t call you back. Offense instead of defense. Ask boss if there is another way of doing this. Do you have any suggestions on how I can do this better. Ego says don’t let them see you week, don’t ask for help. You will become their right hand man.

Boss that only wants to make money on you is a lie. Work with a spirit of excellence and give it your best and you will get promoted. If you hit a brick wall as for help immediately. if you show up with your project a day early it is major Kudos.


You are not bugging them. They love it when things are getting done. It builds trust, and if they don’t know they will ask for help. Asking for help is teachability. arrogant people die.

JC PENNEY Job interview 26 applicants. They other applicants all looked great. Tell the truth. Humble yourself. You don’t know anything about it. I am willing to learn. Humble yourself. Admit you don’t know anything. The houseboat story. Cornice box story. They don’t tech you anything about color in decorating school. Underpromised, overdelievered. Every single month and sales record was 1.

Ensemble (clothes)

Missouri Foxtrotter (Horse)

Halter (Horse)

Repeat interest back to him. Find a dissatisfaction.

Do not dishonor by making people interested in you, they are not a mastercard. Microwave 98% mentality that says I have to have everything today. The skill of relationship builds a finance. Honor.

Conversation and relationship in job interview. Tell me about yourself. Personality. Nothing stops you. Relationship. Forming interview.

Bad Hires suck. Diligent, Hardwaorking, Teachable.

Resume scrubbing process.

Prove that you’re persistent. Decorators need to be persistent. Humble and teachable.

Forming discenrs hangups.





Unforgiveness, Ego and Judgment

Who can I forgive today? Ask Daily

What you do and say in secret will create a harvest, you reap what you sow.

Stop judging people and wishing they would fail. Be happy for other people’s success.

The ego is a scared little man who wants to make himself bigger. Nobody likes an ego and it is unprofitable for success.

Ask yourself to bless those who have harmed you in the past and continue to harm you, so matter how god-awful they really are and continue to be.

Everybody has been hurt by their past. It’s how you respond to it today with a spirit of forgiveness and freedom from judgment that will lead to success.

The ego says I have to be better than you. The ego suggests that I am arrogant, haughty and you want to meet me, remember me etc. These people are broke.

Search the inner heart for unforgiveness and ask who you can forgive today.

Do not backstab in secret. You will reap a harvest.

Gossiping about people is poor. So does victimisation from being gossiped about!

Forgiveness is a daily routine. Try blessing and forgiving people today!

Success Begets Success

Successful people come from all different industries

The greatest innovations in business have come from unrelated industries

Some people go on about success from 1995. They are has-beens

Success can mean anything – family and money included

You are condidtioned for success from the five people closest to you

Design your life. It’s what successful people do.

Persistence is one of the keys to success

Like a child who believes in Santa Claus, so does faith cause a manifestation.

The basics are what anybody needs to know in any industry. People skills is second. Personal growth is third.

Anybody can be successful, it just comes to how they are programmed.

Get over your past. What determines your future is what you are doing now.

People talk shit a lot. Don’t always listen to them.

Learn from people who have what you want and stop being egotistical you penniless idiot.

98% of the world are dead or dead broke by age 65. 2% have success.

Ask people why they are successful. Asking for help will not destroy you, only your ego – which you are trying to destroy anyway.

Stop comparing yourself to people. Dick measuring never made anybody successful.

Be teachable, which means you don’t know anything and you must learn from those who have what you want.

A money back guarantee is a fetching marketing tool. Yet the truly successful know there are no guarantees.



Fettle, Fettler (2 definitions), Castings, Inimitable, Surfeit, Alacrity, Brusque, Peremptory, Cum laude, Spartan, Ascetic, Swingeing, Offhand, Cavalier, Nyala, Inyala, Abyssinian, Jodhpur, Derailleur, Truck (Skateboard), Bunting, Escutcheon, Tomatillo, Tie (Railroad), Silk (Corn), Spinner (fishing), Yaw (plane), Camisole, Junk (Ship), Tongue (Belt), Ramekin, Trowel, Pediment (Architecture), Apron (Chair), Dais, Angular (Gaunt)


Aplomb, Stipend, Stipendiary, Benefice, Vassal, Unalist, Surreal, Surrealism, Surreals, Toywoman, Tintings (Very Rare), Tuft, Untufted, Tufted, Tufting, Pewter, Pewterer, Vivify, Surflike, Shoal, Reaccuse (obvious) Vendage, Vendange, Webwork, Kenneled, Rehouse, Sunder, Whaleman (2 definitions), Retracer, Soullike, Exciton, Subdual (Inflection), Towardly (3 definitions), Propitious, Sodality (3 definitions), Protegee (unobvious), Ovibos, Oviboses, Wagtail, Wirelike, Skank (music) + second definition, Substage, Compound Microscope, Trionym, Unclew (2 definitions), Troller, Subentry, Suffices, Richweed, Wildwood, Whemmle, Uroboros, Sphingid, Hawkmoth, Ustulate, Doppelganger,


Sou, Sol, Ecu, Denier, Liard, Manorial, Demesne, Assignat, Dearth, Emigrate (obvious), Emigre, Jacobin, Abirritant, Accelerando, Proctor, Unspeak, Unsay, Wornness, Proline, Pyrrolidine, Upcurve (Obselete), Stageful (obselete), Sudation (inflection), Rabbitry, Superloo, Waulkmill (Waukmill, obselete), Yarraman, Yarramen, Treeship (rare), Unlade, Sudarium, Veronica (2 definitions), Vineless, Zombiism (obvious), Softhead, Hardhead, Hardheads, Blockhead, Polacca, Polonaise (3 definitions), Crosstree, Swanskin (2 definitions, 1 obvious), Gemology, Weighman (2 definitions, Weighmen inflection), Taurine, Taurines, Tubulose, Tubulous, Overred, Overgreen


Clarion, Clarion Call, Mandrill, Caracul (Karakul), Suffrage (Typical), Signieur, Livre, Positivism, Comte (Philosopher), Comptroller, Navarre (Trivia), Rosette (inflection), Cockade, Livery, Regalia, Finery, Fallalery, Gaudy, Tawdry (expounded), Lurid, Garish, Chintzy, Kitschy, Meretricious (2 definitions), Cheesy (expounded), Grungy, Glitzy, Slipshod (Revised), Scroungy, Florid, Rococo, Bedecked, Gimcrack, Raffish, Brummagem, Frowzy, Penurious (inflection), Parsimonious, Parsimony, Slapdash, Decorous (revised), Perfunctory, Desultory, Louche, Umbrageous (Not an inflection, expounded), Bowery (inflection), Adumbral, Dudgeon, Penumbra, Asperity, Chagrin (expounded), Glade, Dingle, Concavity (inflection), Rubicund, Baroque (literal, expounded, trivia), Agrarian (Inflection), Parson, Rector, Astringency, Noctambulous (obvious), Roue, Dell, Rakish (Check Inflection), Trifle, Gewgaw